Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night

Wow, and I thought I hated Jay Leno.

Conan was pretty funny last night, by the way-- some nice remote work about living in L.A., a good interaction with Will Ferrell, and relaxed banterwith Andy Richter throughout (although I think Richter should be on the couch rather than behind a podium). A shame Pearl Jam seemed literally out-of-breath (The Lovely Companion noted that Eddie Vedder looked like Tom Wopat), but overall it was a refreshing change from the past seventeen years. See you, Jay-- don't let the door hit your chin on the way out.


Well, we at Bubblegum Heaven are sad to see Jay go.

He had on his show Guinness World Record Holders Susan Montgomery Williams (largest bubblegum bubble blown)(just like Johnny Carson did)and Joyce Samuels (largest bubblegum bubble blown from the nose).

It doesn't get any better then that!

Thanks Jay. Your Great!

Bobby "BOOM BOOM" Bickerson

Where YOU could become the world champion of bubble blowing!
Greg said…
Much as I hate to disagree with someone named BOOM BOOM I have to go with Brian here. I couldn't stand Leno. He's all smarm.
Brian Doan said…
I agree that it's nice that Leno created a space on the stage for non-"celebrity" (i.e., Brad Pitt and the like) people to come on and tell their stories, continuing that tradition of Carson's that you note. I just wish he had Carson's sense of grace and modesty about it-- as Greg said, Leno was very smarmy on stage, and it always felt less about the person he was talking to than about "look how Everyman I am being."

Thanks for commenting. Wanted to say I saw you tagged me on the "blogging cinephilia" meme the other day, and I will be getting to it soon, I hope.

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