One of my favorite film bloggers interviewing one of my favorite film critics? I'm so there, and you should be too, as the remarkable Dennis Cozzalio chats with Salon's Stephanie Zacharek over at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule. These are two of the smartest, funniest and most generous film critics on the Internet, and it's a real pleasure to read their dialogue on moviegoing, "deal-breaker" movies, the continuing influence of Pauline Kael, and the pop genius of Fountains of Wayne. In this heat-drenched summer, the piece is a blissful dive into a cool pool of cinephilia. Heck, it's even got me thinking I need to watch CQ again, and I didn't think anything could get me to do that.


dave said…
thanks for that link--great interview/conversation!
Brian Doan said…
Dave, glad you enjoyed it! Dennis is so great, and I like Zacharek's criticism a lot.
Dennis Cozzalio said…
First of all, Harpo and Groucho doing the mirror-- my daughter was thrilled. And then she said, of the only thing visible in the picture, "Hey, Dad, that looks like your forehead!" And we think they're not paying attention!

Wow, Brian, you honor me with your kindness. And to name the article what you did, well, that was a neat little shiver too. Stephanie was so much fun to talk to, we're thinking of making it a semi-regular feature. Thanks so much!
Brian Doan said…
Hi Dennis,
Thanks again for the great interview-- it would be great if it became a regular feature! And thanks for stopping by with your kind words. Hope you and your family are doing well!

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