Branching Out: Wrapping Up TREEHOUSE '15

We're coming to the end of the illustrious Dennis Cozzalio's "2015 SLIFR Movie Treehouse," and it's been a week of fun exchanges and wise insights from Dennis and the other Treehouse denizens (including Odie Henderson, Marya Murphy, and Phil Dyess-Nugent), and occasionally from me, too! If you're coming to this post out of order, you can begin the process of catching up by clicking on the above, which will take you to Dennis's introduction of the round-table; if you read my earlier post, you can zoom ahead to what's followed by clicking here, here, here, here, here, and--well, hell, you can find your way around the branches after that, right? Climb on up and join us, won't you? There's no membership fee, and we only kick out Batman.


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