DayQuil/NyQuil Suffering

Hey, True Believers, there's just so much to blog about-- recent films I've seen, comics I'm reading, TV show round-ups, odd football notes, the hilarious prospect of Ohio's own Ken Blackwell running for RNC Chair (go, Ken, go!), and the brilliance of the latest Beyonce single-- but your loyal correspondent is currently buried in the snowglobe of an Oberlin December, and suffering from massive achy stuffiness.

So all of the above will have to wait until at least tomorrow, but in the meantime I'll leave you with this excellent piece from comics/pop culture blogger Kevin Church on the grimness of the contemporary super-hero comic. I stumbled on it through Google, and it says a lot about how little things have changed that I didn't realize it was an older piece until I got to the end (yes, I know there's a date at the top, but the DayQuil, dammit, the DayQuil!). I don't read a ton of DC comics, but in the age of The Dark Knight, and the ongoing crossover monstrosity (hi, Secret Invasion!), Church's larger points about hipster nihilism replacing that sense of wonder that superheroes should provide feels as relevant as ever.


WelcometoLA said…
You know I don't care about comic books, but Best McCartney Pun Ever!
Brian Doan said…
Thanks, Larry! I always like slipping in a McCartney reference wherever I can.

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