Truth, Justice, And A Very Red And Blue Cake

Two of my favorite comics bloggers, Bully and Mark Engblom, remind us that today is Superman's birthday! (Yes, yes-- I know that comic book characters don't have "real" birthdays, but tell me-- when exactly did you lose your soul?). Mark marks the day with a great Dwight Howard clip, while Bully offers a wonderful summary/analysis of a great Alan Moore Superman story, so I thought (being a film guy and all) I'd offer some of my favorite cinematic moments from Superman's long multimedia history (while enjoying the unplanned serendipity of showing the Fleischer Superman cartoons for my comics and animation class this Sunday).

First, the fabulous Fleischers:

Next, a trailer for the little-seen 1948 film serial:

A wonderfully innocent and strange commercial starring TV's first Superman, George Reeves:

A very special Superfriend warns of the health risks of pill-popping:

Christopher Reeve proves himself the best Superman of all time by turning back time! You, sir, are both "bad" and "ass":

On the other hand, Dean Cain wasn't bad either, opposite Teri Hatcher in the underrated, screwball romance version of Superman, Lois and Clark:

Finally, a wonderfully cinephiliac scene from the unfairly maligned Superman Returns:


Jonathan Lapper said…
I have all the Max Fleischer Superman's on DVD. Pretty bad quality but you can get 'em all for a buck or two so why not? I love 'em all, they're great.

Oh and February 13, 1999.

You asked when I lost my soul. But don't worry, I got it back on July 5th, 2005.

Oh and soon we'll be celebrating another big day... soon.
Brian Doan said…
Hmm, that's tantalizingly cryptic of you, Jonathan. Might that upcoming "big day" you speak of be the one when your official "Super Bowl 2008 commemorative Eli Manning helmet" comes in the mail?? (:

The Fleischer stuff is superb, even in a battered form.
Jonathan Lapper said…
I'll give you a clue: April 3rd, 1975 was a very important date in blogging history.
Brian Doan said…
Yes, I love the second day after April Fool's, too...All the parties, and streamers...(:

No, I think I got it. I assume you'll post a gift list or something between now and then. (:
rogerwhitson said…
You forgot the Superboy series from the early 90s, starring Gerard Christopher. Incidentally, Christopher auditioned and almost landed the role for Lois and Clark, but lost once the producers figured out he already played Superboy.
Brian Doan said…
I never saw that series, although I've read about it. Was it good? I skipped over Smallville too, because I could frankly never stand that show. I wonder if the earlier Superboy program was better. Hey, I liked your Supes tribute on your blog, too!
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Brian Doan said…
I hope you were thoughtful enough to send some of those "sinful Cakes" to Superman for his birthday, young man!

Oh, and my favorite "Yummy cookie" (as opposed to such UNyummy cookies as spinach and wheatbran) is chocolate chip. Although, the "spam cookie" is also not my favorite.

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