Season's Greetings

So, I have Gilmore Girls on last Thursday, and as the show ends the ABCFamily Network transitions into their treacly "25 Days of Christmas" programming. In this case, it's something called "A Flintstones Christmas." Now, I was a pretty big Flintstones fan as a kid, but looking at it for five minutes makes me wonder why: was the sixties animation of the original show as uninspired, ugly and lachrymose as this later (70s? 80s?) feature? I look away from the screen to work, but have it on in the background. I look up awhile later, and see that somehow Fred has stepped in for Santa Claus, and must deliver the toys to all the world's good (prehistoric) children. But, lo! Something (a busted sleigh rail? A drunken reindeer?) requires Fred to go back to the North Pole to re-tool. While he's there, he starts chatting with a peppy, possibly chemically altered Mrs. Claus.

Here's where it gets interesting: Fred walks through the toy shop, he spots a toy train set, the little engine running along the circular track. His face lights up: "Hey! I used to play with one of those as a child!" And it's Fred's reverie about playing trains with his father that sets my mind reeling. All I can think is: 1) If you live in a society that has invented the combustion engine; and 2) If that society is so advanced that such a fantastic device has become popular enough to be transformed into a children's toy; then 3) Why the hell do you still drive in cars that run through your feet???

What can I say? I blame the cold. But clearly, this proves one other thing: ABCFamily has the power to drive you completely insane. Run away! Run away!

Hope you are all having a safe and happy winter/holiday season. Things have been very busy here this year, but I hope to take up blogging with a bit greater regularity in the new year. Until then, I wish you all a happy end to 2010, and a lovely start to 2011!


digital_sextant said…
Back atcha, friend. I look forward to more regular bubblegum updates in the spring.


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