The excellent King Kaufman, on yesterday's puzzling Shaq-to-the-Suns trade:

Shaquille O'Neal to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. It just sounds nuts, doesn't it?

That's because it is nuts. But might it be the good kind of nuts? Is it possible that Suns general manager Steve Kerr is a gambling genius, that by rolling the dice on putting a building right smack in the middle of his team's highflying offense, he might finally bring an NBA championship to the desert?

That would be cool, because it's so off the wall. And speaking of the wall, it moved a 16th of an inch in the last year, which would make it quicker than Shaq right now.

As a Pistons fan, I laugh at the idea of the NBA's quickest team-- and a likely opponent if we meet in the NBA Finals-- mucking up their raison d'etre in order to get an aging, out-of-shape superstar with no mobility, one who will cost them $40 million over the next two years. Miami Heat superfan Jeff has blogged before about the tendency in academia to fetishize the superstar name, no matter what that star has actually done lately, and no matter how detrimental such a fetishizing is to the profession. That's kind of what this trade reminds me of, and I wonder what Jeff thinks of it.


Jeff said…
At first, I was mad at the Heat for getting so little back. But now, I see it makes sense to dump the contract, and go after Brand or someone else in the off season. And who knows? Maybe Riley will get the number one pick.

Too many pundits are counting Shaq out. I wouldn't.
Cinephile said…
I think, for now at least, it's definitely a better deal for the Heat. And you might be right about Shaq-- he's certainly a great player. I just wonder how much he has left in him, and if it's worth it to the Suns, who seem to play a much different style of game.

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