Sometimes The Jokes Just Write Themselves...

...And sometimes they come in the form of headlines like this: "The CW Eliminates Comedy Division", thus making that announcement the funniest thing to come out of The CW in several years (Chris Rock notwithstanding). Of course, this turning away from the comedic was immediately contradicted by the announcement that the network had renewed long-running tween hit One Tree Hill. Geriatric Chad Michael Murray sticking around the high school for another year? C'mon, guys, you're killin' me here!


boolise said…
One Tree Hill: the Just Shoot Me of the later-'00s.

I didn't know the CW could do it--they've lasted longer than one of The Geriatric Chad's marriages.
Brian Doan said…
Hey Boolise,
Hate the game, not the player, yo.

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