Final Frontiers

Yes, the special effects look impressive; yes, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto look impressively Kirk and Spock-like, respectively; yes, the writing has an interesting Batman Begins/Superman Returns feel about it. But let's be honest-- the really cool part of the trailer for the new Star Trek movie is hearing Simon Pegg as Scotty, saying, "I like this ship, it's exciting!" Oh, Nicholas Angel, you rock.


Anonymous said…
Oh MAN, that's cool!

Lil Kirk better be from Iowa, though, because in Star Trek IV the Kirk said, "I'm from Iowa. I just work in space." If they violate canon, I don't know WHAT could happen!!!!! I, personally, would totally boycott it and only go see it about eight times.

So glad Trek's in the hands of people who actually know what to do with it. Suck it, Bermaga!
Brian Doan said…
If they violate canon, I don't know WHAT could happen!!!!!

"Mr. Sulu! Mr. Sulu! We, ah, have a question! In seasons 2 &3 of the original STAR TREK, the light on the front of the ship is white, but in the new JJ Abrahms film, it's OFF-white! How do explain this *snort* OBVIOUS descrepancy??"

"My name is George Takei, you MORONS!"

Suck it, Bermaga!

Somewhere, Jeri Ryan is laughing.
Anonymous said…
Seen on a Star Trek fan site after Takei came out:
"Does this mean Sulu is gay now?"

Yeah, Jeri's laughing, with her hot chef hubby, their restaurant, and their new baby (along with her son from her marriage to Jack da Perve), all of highly deserved. She's getting the best revenge, and to that I say, ROCK ON!

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