Channel Surfing

Cultural commentary through serendipity: Watching Bob Schieffer talking about the agony and "traumatic" times the White House had gone through before Alberto Gonzales's resignation, I flip one channel up, and find The Godfather Part II playing on Bravo. Michael (Al Pacino) baits and interrogates Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) about whether or not he's staying with the family, or whether he'll take a job offer from a Vegas hotel/casino. "Are you going to be with me on these things I have to do," Michael whispers self-righteously, "Because if you're not, you can take your wife, and your family, and your mistress, and move them all to Vegas." The consigliere looks hurt at his patron's quiet rage, and says he's staying.


digital_sextant said…
I call this the WATCHMEN method of cultural analysis. Remember the scenes from the book when Adrian stands in front of the wall of televisions and gleans a sense of the cultural current by the images he glimpses. There's a pedagogy in this, methinks.
Cinephile said…
Very cool-- it's been years since I've read Watchmen, and I'd forgotten those scenes. I was thinking it was almost a form of surrealism-- Breton goes to the theater, and bumps into the man he's never met, but has been corresponding with-- that sense that connections can happen in an unplanned way that ends up having great resonance.

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