I Think It Would Be Fun To Run A Blog...

Just a few quick notes on interesting reads around the blogosphere:

-- If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to Windmills of My Mind, where the fabulous Damian continues his 31 Days of Spielberg with a good post on the underrated Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Too fast, too furious, and far too violent? That's up for debate, but at least Doom doesn't waste the wonderful Denholm Elliott, or turn Harrison Ford and Sean Connery into a middle-aged Judge Hardy and Son.

-- Salon's legal/media critic, Glenn Greenwald, continues an interesting series of posts about what constitutes "seriousness" among Beltway pundits and think-tankers. As always, Greenwald has done a lot of good research, and his larger points about obligation, etiquette and group-think have relevance beyond the issues he's discussing.

--Jeff at Yellow Dog continues his hot streak of great posts with this one about composition and "situating"; Jeff is one of the most creative and wonderfully counter-intuitive writers I know of, and his site should be bookmarked on your computer as a daily stop, if it's not already. He also has a funny cartoon about babies and blogging, and who doesn't like funny cartoons?


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