Two passages from today's Plain Dealer sports section that might only be puzzling to me:

1) (From an article about last night's Indians-Tigers game):
Fausto Carmona struck out a career-high 10 batters in eight innings to win his first game since July 25. He allowed two runs, one earned, on four hits.

The offense scored four runs on 17 hits for Carmona (14-7, 3.16 ERA) in his past four starts before Wednesday. He had a 2.17 ERA in those starts, but was only 1-3.

The Tribe's hitters didn't give him free use of their American Express gold cards Wednesday night, but they did score five runs on six hits. It's a start.

2) (From a column on fantasy football):
I love garlic. There, I said it. I’m glad that skeleton is finally out of the closet.

I like garlic on my steak, in pasta, on toast and even occasionally in my eggs. But every now and then, I take a bite of a dish — mind you, not one prepared by my lovely wife — that has way too much garlic in it. It’s nasty, overwhelming and thoroughly inedible.

Just as too much garlic can ruin an otherwise delicious meal, so too can an over-abundance of rookies weigh down a fantasy football roster. First-year players may look tasty on the draft-night menu, and selecting them invariably generates an approving nod from your fellow owners, but few will actually provide the longterm nourishment you crave.


boolise the befuddled said…
So this means that garlic provides mere short-term nourishment? Wow. What did that metaphor do to him? So mean of him to torture it (and us) like that.

Oh, Dealer. Don't just settle for being plain. That's like Oklahoma accepting being merely "OK." You can do better!

Speaking of which, has Regina Barrett, Lifestyle Columnist saved Cleveland yet with her completely unracist lists. *tries to determine which For Better or For Worse joke to throw in, and JUST CAN'T PICK ONE!!!*

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