Joss Whedon's Summer Comic

No, no, not Buffy Season Eight, although that's good enough (I still think Whedon is working out some of the formal kinks of that title, though, and is only slowly figuring out how to translate the cool cross-cutting and sonic play of the tv show into comics form). Instead, check out this online-only title, "Sugar Shock"

It's funny, touching, and short, and in many ways is a better riff on the kind of teen/young adult awkwardness of Runaways than what Whedon's doing over in that title (come back, Brian K. Vaughn, come back!). I especially like the literally-minded robot, and the groupie-crazed band member. Take a few minutes to mosey over and give it a read.

(Credit Where Credit's Due Dept.: thanks to Suzanne Brockmann (via a link at Whedonesque) for this link. You can read her funny and sweet account of joining Whedon's ComicCon/Equality Now dinner here).


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