Last Man Standing

The imminent release of the third season of House on DVD, as well as the previews for the new season that ran over the weekend on Fox (new tv shows? Pre-season 'football'? It can't be that time already, can it?) are a grim reminder of the downside of starting a blog about pop culture in a moment like this: it feels like all the good tv shows are gone. Seriously, last season was a Saturday Night Massacre of quality programming: The Sopranos, Veronica Mars, The OC, Gilmore Girls, Studio 60 : all cancelled. Sure, we still have one more season of Battlestar Galactica, although given the jump-the-shark quality of that show's season finale (never has Jimi Hendrix been used to worse effect), I don't have high hopes. That leaves me with everyone's favorite, pill-popping MD, and it's hard to go wrong with Hugh Laurie and Co. (especially if, as the season finale suggested, we'll see less of the whiny, self-absorbed Cameron this year. Jennifer Morrison's a good actress, but I suspect the writers have written themselves into a wall with her character's development).

But I toss the question out to my readership of six: what shows should I add to my viewing schedule this year? Ugly Betty? Friday Night Lights? Is it too late to get caught up with Lost? And what new or returning shows are you most looking forward to?


digital_sextant said…
We're going to watch:
Pushing Daisies
New Amsterdam

No apologies for misspelled or misnamed entries.

I'm also going to watch the Geiko Cavemen show, mostly because I think the commercial with the caveman on the walking sidewalk at the airport is a fantastic piece of comedy.
digital_sextant said…
I'm looking forward to the return of

The Office
30 Rock
Robot Chicken
boolise said…
I'm glad you asked the question, Cinephile, because I've been wondering the same thing. You've mentioned that Cane looks like campy fun, and I think that as a Tuesday-night show it's a perfect replacement for Gilmore Girls. :) (No, I'm serious.)

Otherwise, I suspect I'm going to be catching up on a number of series on DVD. Namely Friday Night Lights. Football, woo!
Cinephile said…
Ah yes, Bones! I have the first season on DVD, but have only watched the first five or six eps-- I liked it a lot, but haven't had time to catch up on the rest. I avoided the Heroes hype (and Milo), but want to start watching because Kristen Bell is coming on. Robot Chicken RULES (nothing funnier than Optimus Prime crossing his legs at the doctor's). The Geico thing...Brendan, why I am friends with you? (: And Boolise, thanks for the reminders of Cane (cool to see Jimmy Smits get out of his usual noble character type, or at least that's what the ads suggest-- I'm hoping he's the program's J.R.) and Friday Night Lights.
boolise said…
Oh, yes. Watching the Gilmore Girls re-run tonight (stop it right there, Mister Cinephile! I know what you're going to say, but it was the one where Lorelai sang karaoke to Rory and then Luke. Leave me alone!), I was reminded that I'm sort of interested in that Aliens in America (or whatever the title is) sitcom. A sitcom about a Muslim exchange student starring Gilmore's own Scott Patterson? I'm sorry, I just can't miss that. And, of course, I'll at least catch the pilot of Gossip Girl avec La Bell. (Yes, how ironic that the two shows I'm interested in are on the puke-green CW. Urgh.)

And, if it ever makes its way onscreen, I'll check out Amy Sherman-Palladino's new show, Jezebel James because I like Parker Posey and I want to know if da Sher-Pa has lost her talent or just started hating her baby five seasons in.

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