Possible Future Blog Names

1) Because Nobody Asked

2) X-Ray of My Head

3) How Jaws Is Really About Marxism and Fetishes And Shit*

4) Look, You Could Be Reading Lapper

5) Humming To Myself

6) Funky Gumbo

*(Inspired by a real-life student remark many years ago)


Jonathan Lapper said…
So this is what you do on your winter term break thingy - Insult one of your frequent commenters and visitors. Well... I never! You could do a lot worse than reading me mister man! It'd serve you right if I never commented here again.

But of course I will - don't panic, I'm not really mad (unless you really meant it - then it's a whole different ballgame).

By the way, when coming up with new blogs (I currently have around thirty under four different usernames) I always type the address in to see if it's already out there. Alas, my good man, Funky Gumbo has been taken. But it's in Asian script so the English Language version awaits! I anxiously await your first post! Mmmmmm.... gumbo.
Cinephile said…
No, no-- just pulling your leg. But look at it this way-- maybe the title is actually a public service, as if to say, "Why are you on my blog when you could be over there?" (:

That's funny about Funky Gumbo-- I thought of it on the spur of the moment as a joke, but it's interesting that it's actually out there. It's a fun word combination, and if the roux is right, could lead to some tasty posts.

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