Bully For You!

I've said it many times, and I'll say it again: there is no comics blog that I enjoy more than Bully's, and if you are not bookmarking it for daily reading, you really should. Calling it a "comics blog" doesn't do it justice, since it also offers wonderful essays on PG Wodehouse, cartoon video clips, photo travelogues, and anything else that pops into a stuffed bull's head. I think it's that sense of joyful unpredictability-- as well as Bully's open-heartedness and commitment to creating a community centered on fun-- that makes me eager to see what he's up to each day. And be sure to follow the advice he gives out in his comics reviews: I've discovered X-Men: First Class, Darwyn Cooke's revived Spirit and Damage Control by reading Bully, and I'm enjoying all three.

Oddly, I get a greater sense of personality and honest discourse from a pseudonymic stuffed bull than I do from a lot of our current primary candidates: maybe Bully should run for president!


Bully said…
Golly, thanks! You're too kind. I am blushing all over (which then becomes the answer to the riddle 'what';s black and white and red all over?')

I would not like to run for President, however. It sounds like too much work. Those guys need to learn to kick back and have more fun!
Cinephile said…
Hey Bully! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks again for a fabulous blog! If you won't run for President, maybe you could at least give the candidates a good comics reading list or two? (:

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