Putting The "Ass" In Classy

Gosh, do I cheer for the team whose back-up QB just pled guilty to loitering for prostitution, or the one whose coach played footsie with another school for weeks, then got disingenously indignant when the story was reported? Decisions, decisions...


boolise said…
Hooooo, Cinephile! If you happen to pass through Louisiana any time soon, don't let the State Police hear you talking like that. It's not allowed not to LOVE LSU.

Meanwhile, I expect to hear a good number of OSU fans complaining that their football and basketball championship losses are the result of a vast SEC conspiracy.
Jonathan Lapper said…
Hey, I thought I put the "ass" in "classy." And no post on the OSU loss? I thought you'd be chomping at the bit to get one up.

I don't really care about LSU but I'm happy for the SEC as always.

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