Bat Out Of Hell

I knew there was a reason I switched to Superman on the comics syllabus this semester...

Sorry for the delay in posting. I really did have big plans to finally catch up on some of the posts that have been rattling around in my brain during this busy first week of teaching. There were film reviews, music pieces, a lengthy meditation on superheroes that would hopefully let me finally get some thoughts down about this past year's spate of adventure films. It was all right there, just waiting to pour forth from my forehead...

And then the bat flew into my living room.

OK, technically I don't know it was a bat-- it could've been a very large bird. All I know is that, around 9 or 9:30 last night (time became blurry in the midst of panic) I heard a rustle in my kitchen, and suddenly a big black something flew into my living room, doing quick circles around the light.

I, of course, screamed and ran into the kitchen to hide (no superhero, I). Calls to my unit's safety and security team couldn't get through because of lack of cell reception (damn snow!). It felt like an hour, but was probably about four or five minutes later when I popped my head into the room-- and the creature was gone.

I looked around the house, broom in hand, for a good half-hour to see where the bugger might have gone. He had disappeared. I think. Anyway, I didn't see it. I sent an email to my very nice rental property manager, who very quickly emailed back contact information for the unit's best control team. Calls have been made, emails sent, and (knock on wood, keyboard or internet pixel) all things willing, this should all be taken care of tomorrow-- critters gone (if they are still around), holes (wherever they might be) plugged up. I hope.

And then, normal work, blogging and other aspects of life can continue. Unless, of course, Robin cares to follow his mentor into the house.


Jonathan Lapper said…
Oh Brian... oh Brian. We have friends who seem to get a bat in their house once or twice a year, and everytime they call me to remove it. Which I do. From age 10 on I have gotten rid of rabid raccoons (that's a hell of a story), copperheads, water moccasins, rats, and what have you. Brian, you must stand firm in such instances, know that the animal is afraid of you, keep a few feet between you and it and if it's a bat, a towel or blanket is very helpful.
Brian Doan said…
Thanks for your advice-- you will be happy to know that I did, in fact, carry a blanket with me as well when I was stalking around the house with my broom (whap it and wrap it, I say (:). I learned that from my friend Dave several years ago, when a bird got into the house I was watching one summer, and he came over and threw a towel on the sucker and got it safely out of doors.

That stuff still freaks me out, though. I might call on you for a long-distance house call. (:

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