Happy Endings

I'm a bit behind on this, but wanted to call your attention to this post by friend of all things Bubblegum and film blogger extraordinaire Jonathan Lapper. Jonathan had blogged earlier about the problematic situation in which the Slumdog cast and producers found themselves, and it's nice to see that things seem to be ending happily for all involved. I have yet to see Slumdog Millionaire-- it opens in Cineville this Friday, so I'm hoping to catch it next week-- but whether or not I end up liking the film, I share Jonathan's admiration for the attempts by Danny Boyle and the producers to do the right thing.


Greg said…
It's true: I am a friend to all things Bubblegum. All things. And I'm glad it turned out well. If you read Rick Olson's comment on the post those, it signals even more reason to believe that it was media attention that sparked it.
Brian Doan said…
Interesting follow-up comment from Rick. Whether it was the media attention or not, I'm glad that it looks like it might become a better situation, and I appreciate you covering it on your blog.

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