Goin' After Some Lipstick Chicks

A live performance from The Replacements at the International Rock Awards (no year listed, but I'm guessing '89 or '90, around the time Don't Tell A Soul was released). The song and performance rock, of course, but I especially treasure two extra-textual moments: Paul Westerberg's deadpan cry of "What the hell are we doing here?" as the song begins; the way he sticks his tongue out as the camera gives him a close-up (very John Lennon).


abbey said…

Thanks for posting!
Brian Doan said…
Hey Abbey!
Glad you liked it! I also like how, as the commenters on YouTube noted, Westerberg rolls his eyes when the censors bleep out the line "feelin' good from the pills we took," then gets his revenge by changing the last line of the song from "too late to turn back, here we go" to "too late to take pills"-- thus getting the chance to say the awful word three extra times.
abigail bartlet, m.d. said…
As someone who had a vague addiction to pills and was called out by Leo McGarry, only to never ever have the issue come up again,I highly endorse Westerberg's actions!
Brian Doan said…
Wait, what? PILLS?

Wow! I'm glad I stopped staying in touch with the Bartlet family after John Wells got custody of you all in that messy divorce. (:

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