Happy Blogiversary, Bully!

The funnest comics-readin' bull in the blogosphere celebrates four years of posts today, over at Comics Oughta Be Fun! That's right, Bully turns four today, so break out your favorite issue of The Thing and raise a cup of steaming cocoa in honor of the world's best comics blogger! Bully's gift, which he gives out with every post, is to remind us that "fun" is crucial to our critiques of pop culture, so the least we can do to repay this debt is to mosey on over to his place and wish him well. Oh, and maybe bring Jane Wiedlin with us.


Bully said…
Thanks Brian! I am actually six, but my blog is four! I guess that makes me a wunderbull! Anyway, you are very kind to post. I will be emailing you some birthday cake.
Brian Doan said…
Hi Bully! You're most welcome, and thank you for your wonderful blog! Sorry I got the "birthday" wrong-- I also realized later on that I actually was a day late on wishing you well. Oh, well-- it's the thought that counts, right? (: Looking forward to many more years of wonderful posts!

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