Kirb Your Enthusiasm

The little stuffed bull with the magic blog is at it again: Bully has just wrapped up a week-long birthday tribute to Jack Kirby, arguably the most important artist in the history of American comic books. I feel bad I didn't plug this earlier-- it was such a busy week-- but now that it's done, you can revel in the whole thing without having to wait for the next segment! Page scans, stylistic analyses, heartfelt personal tributes, and funny jokes abound: it's a Kirbyesque cornucopia of action, humor, color and crackle! The more I read and scroll through it, the more I'm overcome with a sense of awe for Kirby's achievements (and Bully's brilliant sense of showmanship in presenting Kirby's genius to us). And the whole week climaxes with a look at one of the sweetest meta-tributes to the King that one could imagine. Check it out now, true believer!


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