Snow Patrol

"The snow is fallin' down/On our midwestern town..." Well, that's what the otherwise fantastic Fountains of Wayne should've sung. And it certainly describes things here in Cineville, where a day-long weather blitz has shrouded us in piles and piles of drift, and the sky's been transformed into a permanent snow globe. And you know what? That's OK. In fact, even a springtime partisan like myself, grumbling as he has to tromp carefully across the ice (and wincing at the way the slush-piles muck up his boots) felt humbled by how beautiful it all looked this evening. Coming out of tonight's class screening, seeing the black, empty branches of the trees spill like ink against the dark gray of the sky, and watching everything in front of me fill up with dots and dots of white, well....It was pretty cool. And very, very pretty. I give this good feeling about a week, but it's nice while it lasts.

More blogging again soon-- the first week of school is always its own snowstorm of busy, but I'm very psyched at how classes look thus far (I'm teaching What is Cinema? (our intro course), Comics and Animation, and a course on Hollywood and the Blacklist). Stay warm, be safe, and remember-- that sure sign of impending warmth is only a few weeks away.


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