What Is Cool?

That's the question Self-Styled Siren is posing in a roundabout way, by querying her readers about what movies or film icons they consider uncool-- but love, anyway. It's a great topic, explored with the Siren's usual grace and wit, and it leads to one of the best comments threads I've read in a long time, one that will have you filling your Netflix queue with every new post.

What's undoubtedly cool is Dennis Cozzalio's annual Best of 2009 Movie Overview. I'd still like to do one of my own, one of these days, and I'm heartened by Dennis' very true observation: "If the Oscars can wait until February to announce their honorees, then why can’t I?" Yes. And it was worth the wait, as it always is-- Dennis' wide-ranging, staggeringly detailed, beautifully written summary of the best and worst of the year just passed is required reading. On what other post would Seth Rogen, Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson (who makes the best and worst lists) and the Food, Inc. guys all jostle for space?


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