Go Banana!

Coming soon!:

-- The real start of the long-promised, possibly long-awaited Bond-a-Week!

-- More comics goodness than you can shake a stick at!

--Lapper: Friend or Faux?

--Random political blatherings!

--Television, television, television!

Sorry for the delay: last week was quite busy. Hope all are doing well! And while you wait for my next post, let me recommend that you mosey over to the "Comics Should Be Good!" blog, where they are doing a fascinating project called "The 100 Top Comic Runs." They requested that people write in with their favorite stretches of a certain comic (a writer-artist pair on Spider-Man, for example, or stretches of Transmetropolitan), got 700+ ballots, have tabulated the votes, and are now posting the results in five-part increments. It's a fun read, and if you are at all inclined, it will probably make you add stuff to your comics reading list.


Dom Sutton said…
Thanks for the link in the sidebar!
Enjoyed your Heston obit and linked you right back.


Brian Doan said…
Well, I like to think it's both, my pseudonymous pal. (:

Glad you liked the blog-- I liked yours a lot, too! Thanks for the link!

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