Suits of Armor

With the Iron Man movie a mere two weeks away, I'd point you to two interesting online pieces. one in today's New York TImes, which offers a fascinating interview with the film's star, Robert Downey, Jr., and touches on some of the ironic parallels between actor and part that will hopefully make this summer blockbuster a unique one (of course, being the NY Times and all, it has to adopt a slightly distanced tone-- "hmmm, comic books"--and act very know-nothing in relationship to the form and the characters in order to maintain their hipster cred, which means they miss out on the most obvious paralllel between Downey, Jr. and Iron Man: their addictions, and the resonance that gives the stories). The other is courtesy of our old friend Dennis at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, who links to a funny Onion video about the IM movie, the power of the film trailer, and the obsessiveness of fans (of which, of course, I know nothing, no, not me..doo de doo...).


Anonymous said…
Bring it, Robert. Good to have you back!

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