Snakes On A Plain Dealer

You can always count on a Cleveland sports section to offer the best mixed metaphors:

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A minute ago, manager Eric Wedge and his brave little band of Indians were putting together a surprising August in the face of a fire sale that is still smoldering.

Today, they have an anaconda of a 10-game losing streak wrapped around their neck and are going down for the third time in the Amazon River like one of those old Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom shows.

The Plain Dealer denied that their new editor is Yogi Berra.


dave said…
So there's an anaconda on fire in Cleveland?
WelcometoLA said…
Good grief. We just can't resist metaphors. I've never understood why.
Brian Doan said…
Dave, I find it's sometimes best not to parse the PD's 'logic'-- that way lies madness. (:

TLRHB, I like metaphors myself-- my mind often works analogically. I guess that's why I get so annoyed at how some folks abuse them.

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