You're A Good Man...

He's back! The elusive blogger known as That Little Round-Headed Boy has returned from a lengthy sabbatical, and it's lovely to hear his critical voice again. Right now, Good Ol' Charlie Brown is contributing to the ongoing Brian De Palma blog-a-thon that Tony Dayhoub is sponsoring, as well as offering a well-deserved tribute to Gordon Willis; he even finds time to throw in a quote from You've Got Mail, thus reminding us that a good cinephile is an omnivorous cinephile. Who knows when the Boy will be shipped off to summer camp again, or laid up in the hospital with long-term, football-kicking-related back injuries? I suggest hustling over to his site as soon as you can, because a voice like this is worth experiencing, even for brief moments in time.


Thanks! Maybe I'll stick around awhile this time.
Brian Doan said…
Sounds good, LRHB! Nice to have you back.

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