Disturbing Image Of The Day

Thanks, Vanity Fair! As I think about it, I suppose in a magazine that distributes images of willowy, scantily-clad women between its often-excellent articles, this kind of turnabout is fair play, and I can work up a bit of admiration for Hitchens' willingness to display and mock his out-of-shape body; it's certainly funnier and more interesting than much of his recent writing. So, is what disturbs me in this photo the naked, smoking, soaped-up Hitchens, or my knowledge of what his real body, his textual body, has been up to in the last few years? Is the breakdown in the physical or in the stylistic, in Hitchens' move from a pleasingly contrary dandy persona to a neocon? Does this photo then function as a kind of public cleansing? Something more ambiguous ("I'm getting healthy, but I still have the cigarette in my hand"? And why is the cigarette the most enjoyable, sensual element for me, when I don't even smoke)? The shampoo water flattens his best attribute-- his floppy, Hugh-Grant-like hair--and his closed left eye makes him look like Ugarte, Peter Lorre's scheming opportunist in Casablanca-- just a coincidence? An accident of the moment, the light streaming in from the lower right window both revealing and fogging the scene?


Fitzwilliam Darcy said…
I am grieved indeed; grieved--shocked. But is it certain--absolutely certain?

Is the Hitch indeed nekkid? And on film?

If you will excuse me, I must off to London to right this ill!
Jamie Baby, ghost said…
I blame the government.
baby jesus said…
This makes me cry for hours and question even myself. Which is exactly what that bastard wants, with that stinkin' book!
boolise, cinephile-phile said…
And Hitchens says women aren't funny. (Then he belches, farts, and falls over. Which is mildly funny the first sixteen times.)

OK, OK, I admit it. He's a good sport about being plastered with crud. But a) how's being plastered with crud any different from his usual Tuesday night festivities and b) I won't need to eat for several days. Thanks, Hitch! Thank you soooo much! :)

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