In Like Quinn

Hmmm. Well, that was fast.

Look, by all means, bring back Ken Dorsey, the journeyman who was a good mentor for Brady Quinn in learning offensive coordinator (and former U. of Miami offensive coordinator) Rob Chudzinski's schemes, and who never shoud've been cut, anyway. But trading the mediocre Frye instead of the godawful Derek Anderson is just pigheaded and foolish: neither guy's going to take you to the promised land, but if you're looking--as all comments have indicated-- for a warm body to get beat up on Sundays until Brady Quinn is ready, Frye is a better guy: more experienced, more consistent (relatively speaking), and a calmer guy in the pocket. Here's GM Phil Savage:

"Our whole thought was Charlie [Frye] and Derek [Anderson] keeping us functional through the tough part of our schedule,'' Savage told me. And now? "If you ask 70,000 people in our stadium today, the process got accelerated. We'll meet [Monday morning] and discuss it. But I think you run into trouble if you change your plans after one game. Back in 1999, we lost to Pittsburgh 43-0 in the first game of the season with Ty Detmer playing and we threw Tim Couch in there. You saw how that turned out. Once Brady goes in, that's it; there's no turning back. To do it after the first week ...''

Anderson looked awful in the preseason, and not much better against Pittsburgh on Sunday. GM Phil Savage mentioned today that Anderson "has a big arm," but he hasn't used it with much effectiveness so far this year, finding a way to brain cramp at least once every game and make a key fumble or interception that's cost the team. Scuttlebutt on a fansite had it that since Savage brought Anderson with him from the Baltimore Ravens, he had an ego investment in keeping him around and making him work out; I like to think that Savage, who's otherwise made good draft choices and trades, and has done a lot to clear out the expansion deadwood of the last seven years, is bigger than that, but it's possible Anderson is the Toni Kukoc to his Jerry Krause: the discovery with whom he can't bear to part.

This is already a transitional year for the Browns: Romeo Crennel is likely a lame duck, they are fielding rookies at several positions, and they face a schedule that would be tough even if they were much, much better than they are. So, go for it: pull a Troy Aikman and see how Quinn responds, because he's certainly their best option (and I'm going to the game this weekend, and would be thrilled to see him play in person). To paraphrase Robert Redford in All The President's Men, I don't mind what the Browns did, I mind how they did it. At some point, the Dawgtown gang is going to have to stop settling for mediocrity as a management strategy, going to have to stop being the farm team, the finishing school for the rest of the NFL (lots of Browns have Super Bowl rings; they just got them somewhere else). Forty-three years without a championship is a long time for a loyal city to suffer.

Speaking of football and suffering, here's my favorite strained comparison of the week, courtesy of the normally reliable Sports Illustrated football writer Peter King, as he makes a prediction about Monday's NFL double-header:
Remember when Seinfeld said he had a hankerin' for some Doublemint gum? Well, that's America tonight.


Jonathan Lapper said…
So I finally found a movie blogger who I can also talk football with - what a pleasant surprise. Anderson may improve, you never know. And hey, the name Anderson in the position of Quarterback has been pretty good for Ohio in the past. Ken Anderson of the Bengals is one of the best quarterbacks of the dead and live ball eras. But I agree they should just put Quinn in the game. After all, Charlie Weiss is still at Notre Dame, Quinn isn't. And let's see, what's their record so far? Ah yes, 0-2. They've given up over 60 points and still haven't scored 20. So, I'm thinking Quinn was making quite a difference.

Now I should tell you my own personal team favorite but I should explain first before you kick me off your list of links and vow never to read my blog again. My dad lived in Massachusetts before moving back to his hometown of Charleston, S.C. where I grew up before fleeing in terror at the age of eighteen. So he was always a fan of the Celtics and the Red Sox but never into pro football, just college. I of course got into both and at the ripe old age of five asked for a Patriots jacket from the Sears catalog for Christmas. I wore it with pride even though everyone else in the first grade made fun of me for it (this was just after the merger and everyone had Jets or Chiefs jackets). I suffered for a couple of decades and more as my team stunk up the joint year after year, and embarrassed themselves in SuperBowls when they did make it. Now they're a huge success and I find myself describing my lineage with the team (as I just have)so people won't think I'm like all those other fair weather fans who hopped on board in 2001. So there you go - I'm a Pats man. Hope you don't hate me. Sorry about Crennell. We didn't mean to give you such a bad coach. He was a great coordinator but the NFL excels in pushing the Peter Principal. And it pains me when I can't stand someone on my own team but I am no fan of Bill Belichik, and with his recent videotaping chicanery I am even less a fan. Genius my ass. Take Brady off the team and let's see what a genius he is.

My college team is the South Carolina Gamecocks (talk about years of suffering) and they too have a coach I can't stand. We're 2-0 right now and ranked 17. But in two weeks were in Louisana taking on LSU. Goodbye #17 ranking.

Alright I'll stop talking now. Keep up the movie / football posts. Hey maybe you could be "Sergio Leone and the Red Zone Tuck Rule."
Cinephile said…
Well, we had Belichick before you-- another example of the whole "Browns as a finishing school" I mentioned before, so I guess we're complicit in his recent chicanery. (: No, I wouldn't kick you off my blog roll-- I'm grew up in Michigan, so any team that has Tom Brady on it's ok with me, plus their just so excellent year in and year out-- I think you have to admire that kind of consistency. The real point of contention is that I went to U. of Florida, so that whole Gamecocks (: Glad to see Spurrier doing well, though, and glad you beat the hated Georgia Bulldogs. Thanks for the kind remarks!
Jonathan Lapper said…
Florida??!!!!?!! Those damn gators have been the bane of my existance since we entered the SEC in 1992. Man, we have suffered some crushing defeats at their hands. We do have that one little victory with Spurrier coaching the Gamecocks which felt kind of good I must say.

A Gator man. My own son is against me here too. Because of his love for Gatorade, yes Gatorade, he is a Florida Gators fan. Because of a drink! Aaaaarrrggghhh! Could there be a more trivial reason to like a team?

So last year must have put you in a bind. Alma Mater against current hometown favorite. And in basketball too! Even though they drive me crazy when we play them, I'm a conference man to the end and anyone from the SEC gets my cheers when the title's on the line so I was thrilled when they kicked the Buckeye's butts.

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