O Captain, My Captain!


Anonymous said…
Great collection, Cinephile! Shatner hawking the "wonder computer of the '80s" is too awesome! (That part about Omega Race coming with it at the end cracked me up, because that game was so crappy that we never figured out how to play it. I was terrible at the Commodore video games, but kicked ass at Omega Race--or Omega Racer as we called it--because I just grabbed that joystick and freaked out. Apparently that's the best strategy.)

Mulgrew's Dallas singing was weird, and seemed very much dubbed, but man, she looked fantastic! The guy Bakula plays in the commercial is basically Captain Archer, but less wooden. (But Count Bakula will always be Sam Beckett to me, so it's all good.)

I love it when Patty Stew is in silly mode. You have to take a look at the footage of Stewart directing U Mich's marching band, too. Warning: not for Buckeye fans.

Avery Brooks is incapable of being anything less than Damn. Cool.

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