Spidey Sings!

I wrote about the Julie Taymor-Bono & Edge super-musical in one of my very first blog posts, and now it's getting closer to becoming an actual reality, with this preview poster released this week.

And I still don't know what to think of the idea.

Thoughts from you all?


dave said…
I think this is going to be great--honestly. I think the music will be fantastic, and I also think that Taymor is smart enough to take it seriously (ie not just wink at the audience the entire show). I'm in!
Brian Doan said…
You might be right. A recent cover story about U2 in ROLLING STONE described the score as some of their most straight-ahead pop music, and I certainly like Taymor. So I'm curious, if a bit wary-- I think the talent's there, but I'm not sure Spidey will translate to the stage.
Greg said…
I actually have a friend who is providing some of the technical equipment necessary for the onstage special effects. He showed me the blueprint of the stage set and of course, it's massive and complicated.

Despite Dave's high hopes, my gut tells me "Run away. Run as fast as you can!"

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