Baby Love


Oh, Michelle Malkin...Every day, when I walk by the banner on Main St. that displays a garish painting of your face, I regret that Cineville College ever gave you a degree.


Bob Westal said…
You have Michelle Malkin on a banner on your main street. I live in Orange County, CA, not so long ago the most rightwing county in the ENTIRE NATION (which I believe included Texas at the time). No Malkin banners that I know of, though I did see Mark Steyn on a bus once, which was bad enough.

And, btw, strike a blow for liberty to wear colorful headscarves, get your coffee and donuts at Krispy Kreme.
Brian Doan said…
Dunkin' Donuts, isn't it? A blow to your cholesterol and a blow for liberty, all at once! (:

Sorry you had to see Mark Steyn, but your fair city also gave us THE OC, so maybe it's a wash.

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