A Technical Question...

You may have noticed that the text on this here blog is getting squishier-- a bug in the Blogger CSS has caused it to move to a squeezed, single-spaced line instead of its usual spacious...whatever it was. Blogger made the following announcement on its "Known Issues"/"Dashboard" page:

The line spacing of your post may become more condensed after using a blockquote.

Update, 6/5: This has been fixed in the master copies of the blog widget and the template CSS. If you have changed either on your blog, you may not get the fix. To fix this yourself, find the .post p { line in your CSS and move the line-height line into a new .post {} CSS block.

See? Now that I've used that block quote, the text has gone squishy. My question is this, and I throw it out to those of you who use Blogger, or who are more techno-savvy than I:

Do you know what any of the above means?

I went to my template page, as well as several Blogger help pages, and it's hard for me to translate what they're saying. I have never made template changes on my blog, so I'm not sure why it didn't just fix when Blogger seems to have fixed it. I'm happy to go in myself, but I'm not sure what a ".post p {" line is, and don't want to mess it up. It doesn't look horrible, but it bugs me (to pardon the pun).

Anyone have any advice on what to do?


Greg said…
It must have corrected itself because it looks fine now. I made a fake post, and dated it back to last year so no one would see it, for your benefit. Check it out here and tell me if this is what you were talking about. It happens in Blogger a lot and it's an easy fix that doesn't require you messing with your template.
Brian Doan said…
Thanks, Jonathan!
Greg said…
Brian - In answer to your question on the dummy post: The problem with squishing comes from "div" in angle brackets around paragraphs. Sometimes if the spacing is right it doesn't cause a problem but usually it does. If a part of your post is squished (technical term) and you go to "edit html" the squished section will almost always have "div" in angle brackets, and probably a few open and closed "div"s in between. Replace them with "p" instead which is the normal default. It stands for "paragraph."

On the dummy post I surrounded the second paragraph with open and closed "div"s and the other two with open and closed "p"s.
Brian Doan said…
Problem solved (for now! (:)! Thanks again, Jonathan!

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