Bill's Words of Wisdom

One more good reason to go check out The Kind of Face You Hate, run by the illustrious Bill R.:

"The problem is that having a film makes it much easier to not watch it."
-- from Bill's "Resolution Meme" post

Yes. Thanks, Bill!


Anonymous said…
That's great. I would even amend that comment further and say that a similar function often holds true for my netflix queue--there's no good reason for me to have a queue of 200 movies, and inevitably, I think part of it is to convince myself I'll eventually watch the ones waaay down on the list.
bill r. said…
Thanks Brian! It's a real problem I have, and I'm making steps to correct it. I believe I mentioned owning, but not having watched yet, The Grissom Gang, and that's one I plan to watch (and write about) tomorrow.

Dave, my Netflix queue is 500 strong. The only thing that fact tells me is that, however many films I may have seen in my life, I've heard of about a hundred times more.
bill r. said…
PS - Brian, I realize now that in my New Year's post, my choice of matching your name with a picture of the Skipper was way off. How could I forget about Ralph Wiggum!? My humblest apologies to you, sir.
Brian Doan said…
Dave, I know what you mean-- like bill's, my netflix queue is around 500 films, and I have this weird propensity to keep things in there out of obligation, even if I'm not sure I'll ever watch them: "Sure, I COULD delete that Bergman film, but what if someone notices?" As if millions are looking at my queue! The panopticon lives! (:
Brian Doan said…
The Skipper?? Why, I oughta--!

I really liked your resolutions, and found myself nodding in sympathy with a lot of them. I hope to catch up on my queue, too!

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