Same Time, Next Year

What will be the excuse this year? A fellow teammate stepping on a star player's leg and taking him out of the game on the first play (as in 2007)? Complaints about having to travel further than the competition (as in 2008)? I'm sure some blame will fall on freshman QB Terrelle Pryor, and equally sure that no blame (in Ohio, at least) will fall on the sainted Jim Tressel, whose PR machine is so fabulous that he manages to suck up all the credit for his team's wins, while catching little of the flack for their numerous losses and character flaws.

Well, whatever the response, I will say that it is never truly a new year until Ohio State blows its bowl game. In a time of economic stress and national uncertainty, certainly such a happy event is something the whole country can rally around and enjoy. So, as much as it pains me to say it-- thanks, Buckeyes! Let's all meet again here next year, too, OK?


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