Guys and Dolls

One of these days, I will eventually return to doing some regular TV blogging (I mean, I can't be the only one waiting for the resolution of the Angela-Phyllis smackdown), but in the meantime, here's another delectable preview of this spring's most eagerly awaited new show (no, not the 80th season of 24, and put down that Ron Paul manifesto!). Whedon's excitement and passion, and his talk of action, mythology and office politics is interesting enough that it's almost enough to forgive Fox Entertainment for American Idol.

Production Note: Wondering about the lack of images on the last two posts? Me, too! Blogger is apparently experiencing "internal errors" that make uploading images impossible at the moment, which means some relatively naked posts for the time being. I am sure, however, that Blogger will attend to the problem with their usual timeliness and care (*snort!*).


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