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Good pal Dave mentioned to me (via email) that the world's funnest comics blogger, the fun-fun little stuffed bull known as Bully, is wrapping up his super-fun "Fun Fifty of 2008", and jeepers, is it fun! With his excellent writing and witty voice, Bully remembers (in this age of The Dark Knight and bad Frank Miller movies) that comics are still, well, fun, and that saying so is not only an OK aesthetic choice, but a sign of good taste, of maturity-- I'd almost say an imperative, except that word seems too serious for Bully's delightful adventures. I'm happy to see comics I've enjoyed (Greatest Hits, X-Men First Class, Franklin Richards) on the list, and I'm already adding titles to my pull-list on Bully's recommendation. Reading Bully, one is reminded that "fun" is a broad and diverse term that can encompass everything from Chris Sims to Colleen Coover, and that if we lose that sense of play, we lose the sense of wonder that makes comics-- and indeed any imaginative form--a worthwhile experience.

Aw, but now I'm pontificating again, when what you really should be doing is getting over to Bully's! If you haven't heard yet, it's fun!


Bully said…
Yay! Thanks for the plug!
Brian Doan said…
Hey Bully! You are more than welcome! Thanks for stopping by, and for a great blog!

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