Monday Music Flashback: "These Guys Rock The House!"


Anonymous said…
My initial response was, "I fear you." Then I thought, "This is the most amazing crapoo thing!

I love Emma Caulfield's evil twin's disaffectedness. Is it mostly because of her bowl haircut, I wonder?
Brian Doan said…
Yes, 90210 did provide a special crapoo-ness throughout the 90s, didn't it? Emma Caufield actually appeared on the show for awhile (I'm pretty sure she played Brandon's pyromaniac girlfriend), but the bowl-headed one you note is an actress named Kathleen Robertson. She's since gone on to do a lot of indie films, and was also pretty funny in a hit-and-miss, OFFICE-style sitcom on IFC about filmmaking called THE BUSINESS (she plays the one sane producer in a company full of crazies). The writing was kind of hit and miss, but she had good deadpan timing.

And hey, whatever happened to good old Ian Zeiring?? He rocked the house!

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