Happy Days Are Here Again

As a child, I was often compared to The Andy Griffith Show's Opie, so this warms my heart:

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

It's easily Howard's finest work since Arrested Development. And it's a reminder that his best work is still done in a comedic mode: while the endorsement seems sincere, the reason I love it is because that doesn't prevent him from gently poking fun at Hollywood artifice (love the use of the nose-hair tweezers), and from having fun with the pitfalls of celebrity pomposity by staging the re-shoots of his old shows in clearly fake ways. Kudos, too, to the good sport participation of Griffith and Henry Winkler. You are officially forgiven for Cinderella Man, Opie.

(h/t to Oliver Willis' site for the link).


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