Tearing Him Apart

John McCain magnanimously 'criticized' a campaign supporter who attacked Barack Obama on Friday, and was feted for doing so by some of the more gullible members of the press, who are still hoping they weren't wrong to call him a "maverick" eight years ago. (Memo to donut-providing reporters: You were).

Of course, even as he mumbles his mea culpas into a microphone, this ad keeps playing on televisions across the country (I saw it at least three times during Saturday's Rays-Sox game). And this ad just debuted on the web. And even if they think Obama is an honorable guy, they're not above going after his wife.

And certainly Sarah Palin is certainly not above such attacks, perhaps hoping they'll distract us from her minor legal problems. Luckily, those discriminating sports fans in Philadelphia weren't buying it. Hey there, Governor-- they booed Santa; did you really think they wouldn't boo your mythical ass, too?

UPDATE (10/12): Aaand...the "detente" meme lasts about 24 hours for the McCain campaign, as they choose to call the more hateful supporters at rallies "hardworking Americans who come to our events to cheer for the kind of reform that will put America on the right track." What a Maverick.


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