Swing Time

Living in a swing state like Ohio means I get to see ads like the one below, which just aired during Sportscenter:

Where to begin? Set aside the fear-mongering, the race-baiting and the taking of Biden's remarks out of context. Instead, ponder the central argument: that McCain, because of his supposed 'wealth of experience,' is more ready to lead on Day One than Barack Obama. Then, ponder how reality (as it does so often to poor John McCain) spoils all of the fun.

We already had an international crisis, John (it was all over the news, you might have heard about it), and your response was an epic fail (Obama, meanwhile, was seen as steady, calm and assured in the middle of the panic-- one might even call his resolve "steely" if one lusted after that word as much as McCain seems to). We had another crisis before that one, and your response was read as saber-rattling (that is, when questions weren't being asked about your ties to many of the crisis's participants). Finally, we've been in the midst of a much larger crisis for five years, and Iraqi leaders, foreign policy mavens and U.S. military leaders have all sided with Obama's policies rather than yours.

All of that makes John McCain 0-3 on crisis-handling in recent years, but by all means, let's let McCain-Palin be the ones to face the looming head of Putin in the future.

Please come, November 4th, please come...


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