Drop That "Zero??," Get With The Hero

Since one of my teams did well this week when I didn't watch, I thought I'd continue my trend of skipping the debate/catching up on the responses afterwards. And it seems like Obama did well again. This might be my favorite moment of all the clips I've seen:

(h/t to Oliver Willis's site for the YouTube link).

I don't know what I enjoy more about this-- the fact that, as Willis puts it, McCain gets "pwned" on the issue, or the bulging eyes and rising, surprised voice that respond to Obama's description of his health care plan. At this point, McCain stops being a war hero, or a Senator, or even the most inept Republican Presidential candidate of my lifetime, and he becomes an infomercial host. That's what I thought of as I watched it: McCain resembles nothing so much as those obsequious D-Listers you can catch at 2 a.m. on local TV, excitedly watching as the chef explains the wonders of the Ginsu knife: "Zero?? Really, Barack?? That's a-MAY-zing! Tell me more!" I expect Team McCain to release an ad this week: "Obama's Health Care Plan: Better than our German knives??"


Bob Westal said…
Also, notice the large number of times McCain blinks here. As Michael Caine reminds us, that's a sign of weakness in a character on screen.

And, you know, it's really time I looked up just exactly what "pwned" means? How is it different from being "owned," "nailed," etc.? Well, I find out in a second. And when did "FAIL" become such a big deal? These 'net memes are starting to exhaust me.

All my base belong to me. Or whatever.
Brian Doan said…
Bob, I think the etymology of "pwned" traces back to hacker culture-- from what I've read, it has to do with taking control of someone's operating system and getting it to do what you want (the more hacker-literate among us might want to correct my definition, however). I do like FAIL, if only because this is such a fun blog, and "FAIL" seems to be the operative word for the McCain campaign.

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