John McCain Thinks You're A Moron

(h/t to Oliver Willis' site for the video link).

John McCain thinks you'll fall for racist imagery. John McCain assumes you won't notice the blatant projection in yesterday's speech. John McCain believes that his surrogate can get away with lies and easily fact-checked misrepresentations of news reports. John McCain is desperately rewriting the past. John McCain's not really worried if his ads take quotes out of context. John McCain is too busy rallying his base to keep tabs on his staff. John McCain will do anything to keep from talking about issues.

In the end, it's not Barack Obama who is truly insulted by the incalculable levels of slime that emanate from the McCain campaign-- it's the American voter. And as the smears inevitably get worse over the next 28 days, keep in mind that "The Maverick" thinks that you'll fall for this stuff. It's called "the bigotry of low expectations," and for a man who's styled himself on a rhetoric of "honor" and "Country First," such a smearing of the American people is pretty damn unpatriotic. For all the wrong turns of the last eight years, I still believe that deep down we're a better country than that, don't you?

Oh, and if anyone still uses the term "Maverick" around you with a straight face, send them this devastating piece, which takes apart the McCain myth with an Errol Flynn-like rapier quickness.


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