Truly, truly sad news. I feel like Annie Lennox's "Why" should play as I read of it.

Can Paula Deen be far behind?


Anonymous said…
In the words of Dieter (from Sprockets), I am emotionally obliterated.

What's going on over at the Food Network? I hear Mario Batali's leaving, and now The Ewok Who Cooks has been canceled? Is this Bravo-fication? And further, when did I start to care enough to ask three whole questions about the Food Network?
Brian Doan said…
I know-- it's very *SOB!!* sad. I'm kind of hoping Bobby Flay will hit the chopping block next (pun intended).
Anonymous said…
Flay-vah will never die!
Brian Doan said…
Like Brent Musberger-- who suddenly slips into a deep South accent when covering FSU games (I'll never forget the way he referred to Bobby Bowden's "Daddahy!" during a bowl telecast), I think Paula D's accent is a scam. She's really a housewife from New Jersey, I tell thee!

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