I Was Going To Call Don Shula A Petty Bastard...

...But Fire Joe Morgan beat me to it.


Greg said…
Well you probably know how I feel about this. What an immense prick! An asterisk? How about an asterisk for your weak-ass pathetic 1972 schedule or the fact that Earl Morrell led the team through 13 of the 14 games because Griese got injured in the second game (funny how they were only undefeated when Morrell was the QB, never when Griese was) and then you thanked Morrell by giving him the boot as soon as Griese recovered for the Superbowl where he was so goddamn rusty you only called SIX passing plays the WHOLE GAME! Don Shula, you are one titanic A-Hole! If you're looking for your dignity it's probably in the same toilet you accidentally shit your brain into after one of your trademark oversized "I'm insecure about my penis" steaks at your worthless, tacky, classless restaurants.

So there you go. How about this weather huh?
Brian Doan said…
Yeah, Jonathan-- but how do you really feel? (:

I actually like Don Shula (he used to be part of the Browns organization, after all), but I think he's being silly in this case, and I don't really buy his moralistic concern about the integrity of the game. As someone said on the radio here, he'd never be this 'concerned' about the patriots' cheating-- which I don't excuse-- if they weren't threatening his record. And I have to say I've always been put off by how those guys celebrate other teams losing every year-- classy, fellas.

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