Achtung Babies

Congratulations, Brett Favre! Your morph from supposed "Everyman" to Terrell Owens is now complete.

Poor Aaron Rodgers, who's worked hard all year to get ready for the fall, and once again sees his future held hostage by Brett Favre's ego. This won't end well for Green Bay and its fans-- I suspect Favre's 2007 season will prove to be an aberration amidst his otherwise mediocre recent years, and this fall will see a return to that hit-and-miss form. Everyone will grin and bear it, and say nice things about Brett's "grittiness," but all the while, the team's progression into the 21st century will be put on hold for another year. And even as Favre's various Boswells in the press continue to spin tales of his "toughness" and jus' folks image (Brett Favre is not a diva! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!), at a certain point even they will have to confront just how badly he's damaged his image the last three months, and just how much his actions belie the myth of Green Bay as a blue-collar paradise where Individuals Don't Matter, and The Game Is The Thing.

Then again, self-styled "blue collar" divas who won't get off the stage? Yeah, seems like there's a lot of that going around...


cbd said…
Favre = overrated.
Brian Doan said…
Yes, I agree. And the coverage of it (for some reason, I have Around the Horn on as I type this, and they are a bunch of Favre apologists) reveals a lot about sports journalism, I think.

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