OK, this almost makes up for The Love Guru.


Greg said…
I honestly didn't think the Repubs could find a weaker candidate than 1996's Bob Dole. I have been proven wrong again and again with this campaign. My god, my god - McCain is milquetoast. His voice is weak, his "ideas" are weaker, his "debate" with Obama is based on ... Obama's celebrity???? That's the best he can come up with?

Pathetic. Utterly and completely pathetic.
Brian Doan said…
Jonathan, I agree. I will say this for Dole-- I didn't vote for him, and he has his own flaws and hypocrisies (as I suppose everyone in that profession does), but I think he has more character than McCain. At least, as a vet himself, Dole didn't spit on veterans' benefits, and he also worked with George McGovern for years to protect programs that helped the poor and working-class, like food stamps. I can't see McCain doing something like that.

And even though I agree about the "patheticness" about McCain, for some reason he has a loyal coterie in the press that Dole didn't, and that will be hard for Obama to overcome. I think he WILL, eventually, but crushes seem to die hard for the Beltway pundits.

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