Funny Face

Happy (belated?*) birthday, Donald O'Connor!

(*IMDb lists August 28, while this normally reliable site says it's today. But either way, I only need the flimsiest of excuses to post that fabulous musical number above)


Anonymous said…
That is such a great number. I'm also really fond of the "Good Morning" from _Singin'_ as well as (even more so--probably one of my favorite all time musical moments) the "Moses Supposes" number, where O'Connor gamely keeps up with Kelly. Watch them watching each other as they dance--they're smiling, but they're also competing. It's exhilarating.
Brian Doan said…
Dave, I love the "Moses Supposes" number, too-- in many ways, Kelly's chemistry with O'Connor in that film is greater than it is with Debbie Reynolds or anyone else. Their joy is really infectious.

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