One Year Later...

One year ago today, this blog began with a too-wordy introductory post that name-checked Spider-Man, Derrida, The Pixies and Jean-Luc Godard, and also offered an image of me in my youth, smoking at the gambling tables. With that, we were off to the races, and one year later, it honestly feels like I've been doing this forever (it may feel that way to some of you, too, in an entirely different sense).

Thanks to all the folks who've stopped by and commented, all the folks who've stopped by but haven't commented, all the fantastically active spammers who've chosen me as a home now and again (we'll leave the light on for you!), and all of those fellow bloggers who've linked to my page, mentioned me in their posts, offered advice and otherwise made me feel very welcome in the blogosphere. I'd write even if I was the only one reading it, but it is nice to feel part of a larger community and dialogue. You can find these fine folks on the blogroll at the right (if I named anyone specifically, I'd end up feeling awful for leaving someone out, but I hope you all know who you are)-- please, please, please go read their fabulous sites, and thanks again for reading mine!


Anonymous said…
Happy Blog-o-birthday! Enjoyed all of the recent posts--keep up the good work, man!
Greg said…
One month younger than me. You're like the little brother I never had. Congratulations on one year Brian.

You know, first posts are interesting. I've read a few in the archives of others' blogs and everyone talks about their intentions, the title of their blog (if you go to Dennis' archives and go to 2004 to find his first post he talks about the title of his blog - The Good, The Bad and The Dodgers. Glad he re-thought that one) and so on and then I go to my first post and I just leap into to talking about my Oscar picks through the years. I never introduced my blog and I feel left out because of it. I've been tempted on occasion to go back, write an introductory post and make the date July 1, 2007 but that wouldn't be real and I'd feel kind of stupid doing it. But still, I feel like the blog without a starting point. Oh well.

I've enjoyed your blog since I discovered it last year by clicking on "Cinephile" in the Scanners comment section. You cover movies, music, comics, politics and sports and do it all effortlessly enough that it never feels jarring going from one topic to another. And I still insist I will meet you someday, as I make my way back to Canton for another trip to the Hall.

Congratulations again!
Anonymous said…
Behold the power of the young babe of a blog! It utterly transformed the taciturn, pissy coffee shop wherein it were birthed! It is now a place where people actually want to sit and work (and not just because the BRC, with its superior coffee, closes at 3). (How'd you do that?)

But seriously, it's been fantastic reading the beauteous products of your brain this last year. I'd like to take some credit because Dave and I bugged and encouraged (OK, Dave encouraged, I bugged) you to blog, but Dave's wise and modest and thus didn't go for that. And he's right. :p

Go forth prolific one!
girish said…
Hi Brian -- It's good to discover your blog. I look forward to following it.

And thank you for the tip on Robert B. Ray's new essay (in fact, the entire essay collection) that I'm eager to check out!
Brian Doan said…
Boolise-- it's funny you mention that coffee shop, as I am sitting in it right now! It looks like it might storm, so staying put seems like a good idea, and the upgrade they've done with the lights and the hardwood floors makes that a much nicer prospect than it used to be.

Thanks for encouraging me to blog-- it's been fun, and I wouldn't have done it without your constant, constant, CONSTANT bugging. (:
Brian Doan said…
Thanks, Dave! I always enjoy your comments and insights, too!

Girish-- thanks for stopping by! Yours was one of the film blogs I read regularly, and its intelligence and cinephiliac grace was (and continues to be) a constant
source of inspiration and enjoyment for me. I hope you like the NEW METHODS book! Ray is fantastic, and I think you'll enjoy the other writers, too.
Brian Doan said…
Now that you're my "big brother," I feel like the Bobby to your Greg, the Little Joe to your Hoss, the AJ Simon to your Rick Simon. But no more headlocks, ok?

Thanks for being a great blogging pal! Your friendship has made blogging a lot more fun.
Greg said…
Brian, Brian, Brian - You're supposed to let your anniversary post stay up as the only post for at least a day so everyone can celebrate all that is you. I don't think you're self-centered enough for this blogging thing. We need to talk.

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